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Car Lockout – 24 Hour Lockout Service

Did you somehow leave your keys in the car? Van or Truck? This is known as a car lockout.

No drama, we can help you.

Licensed and Bonded

Our techs have many years experience opening just about any lock you put in front of them. When you call Locksmith LA, we will need two very important pieces of information.

First, the address of your current location, so our locksmiths will be able to find you quickly. Secondly, your phone number.

If it’s locked in the car, you will need to find a phone you can borrow for 15 minutes or so.

Our clients have used a friend’s, a restaurant’s, or even their hairdresser’s number.

After you call us, one of our technicians will call you to tell you how long it will take him to reach you.

And to confirm you still need his services.

Open 24-Hours a Day

Our locksmiths can open the boot of most vehicles and the main car doors.

There is a forty-five dollar call out fee to help cover his gas.

And then there’s an additional per lock fee that starts from forty-five and it goes up depending on the type of the lock and tools needed for each job.

All of our locksmiths will be able answer all of your questions, they are very personable.

Feel free to ask him any questions you may have with regards to your car lockout.

Fast Service

Our teams are trained to tell you the price before they do anything.

We at Locksmith LA Near Me work on rotating shifts, so you will always get attentive service.

We bring in only certified trained reliable locksmiths who have between two years to 10 years experience.

If you don’t like the price all you have to do is pay him his call out fee and he will be on his way.